Private lessons are available for Members and non-members. Lessons are tailored to the abilities and aims the individual or group. Lessons can focus on Taekwondo, Hapkido, Fitness, Flexibility, Street Self Defence or a combination of these activities. 

  • Lessons at our Venues: £35 per hour
  • Lessons at your home: £25 per hour
  • Lessons outside: £25 per hour
  • Beginners run partner: £25 per hour


Taekwondo is a lively and energetic martial art that boasts some of the most dynamic and effective kicking techniques of all. With both a traditional and Olympic competition side, Taekwondo really does offer something for everyone.

Hapkido includes explosive kicks and sweeps, a diverse range of locks, blocks and strikes for close quarters combat and some of the most practical falls, rolls, breaks and throws of all the martial arts. Hapkido is the study of body mechanics and joint manipulation. All these aspects form an attacking and defensive combat system.

Street Self Defence. The techniques taught in street self defence are direct, effective and have been developed with input from ex-british special forces, Styrathclyde police officers and martial arts masters. We supply pads and equipment for you to practice and perfect your techniques.

Flexibility is often an important part of any sport or activity. Our instructors will lead you through effective stretching routines and show you correct technique. The majority of the training will focus on partner and assisted stretching. This provides you with the extra push often needed for improvement. You will also be shown stretches you can practice on your own.

Fitness. At home or in our classes, fitness training is an energetic activity designed to improve your strength, endurance, stamina and general fitness. We work together in a fun but hard working atmosphere to push your own ability. Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Run Partner. We can help you get into running, show you how to build up slowly and help keep you motivated and moving along. We have a few local routes we use or can accompany you along your local route. 

A few reasons people book private lessons are:

  • To brush up on their skills with focused input from an instructor.
  • Extra practice and instruction when preparing for an exam.
  • Motivation and guidance to push your training and get the most out of your fitness.
  • Unable to attend the times of our regular classes.
  • We will come to your home.
    (Popular with parents with no childcare or people without transport)
  • Lessons can be tailored to focus on the aspects of training that interest you the most.
  • Lessons can be tailored to suit your physical abilities.