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From Jay Patel, Aged 20

When I was 13, I wanted to take up a Martial Art, although at this point my knowledge of styles and clubs wasn't great. I rang my local leisure centre and they informed me that there was a club running Taekwondo. 'Why not, I'll give it a go' I thought.. And I haven't looked back since. This turned out to be the best decision of my life.

I have now been with Chung Yong Taekwondo for 7 years and have loved every minute of it. Through my time in training, I have not only learnt and improved my Martial Arts abilities, but also grown tremendously as a person. Etiquette, Modesty, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit are the 5 tenets of Taekwondo, and here at Chung Yong, I have been guided into instilling all of these into my character. 

What really makes this club special is the instructor; Master Dean Gibbs. His way and style of teaching is extremely encouraging, and I have seen many students including myself grow to their potential and beyond under his guidance. My real passion is in the sport side of Taekwondo, with aims of medalling in national and international competition. I am fully confident that with Dean as my coach and instructor, there is nothing about this that I cannot achieve. 

 From  Stephanie Gooch, Aged 20

Chung Yong is an amazing club, I have been training with them since I was a kid and I believe that they had a big effect in making me the person that I am today.

One of the main things I love about the club is the ability to teach people about discipline and respect while still making it a fun place to be.

Master Dean Gibbs has been training, competing and coaching for most of his life so he has a huge amount of knowledge, skill and a true passion for the martial art, this is what makes him the best instructor I have ever had.

Training with Chung Yong will give you a well-rounded fitness, provide you with skills you can use for self-defence and allow you to learn the Marshal art that is Taekwondo

 From  Laura Campbell, Mum of Sky & Amelia , Aged 7 & 5

I believe it is important for children to learn self confidence, the ability to think through a situation and respond appropriately, discipline and respect. All of which are lessons learned at Taekwondo. Under the watchful eye of Dean my two girls are visibly growing in confidence and self belief. Dean teaches in a way that is on their level - gently but firmly guiding them through their lessons, boosting their confidence and making sure they are not too big for their boots! There is a real family feel to the club with the older students helping the younger ones. I cannot recommend the club highly enough and am grateful for the opportunity for my children to learn in such a great environment.

 From  Lorna Claxton, Mum of Connor, Aged 14

Connor has flourished under Dean’s guidance. I have watched his confidence grow week on week. Dean goes out of his way for his students, arranging workshops in the holidays, regular gradings, travelling to competitions etc. The children are worked hard but they all enjoy the lessons and the rewards can clearly be seen. If Connor could go every night of the week, I’m sure he would…

 From Ken Rousell, Dad of Zac, Aged 13

I am Ken Rousell my son is Zac he is in his second month at the club,he loves it the training is hard, but it is made fun by the instructor Dean Gibbs who is in my opinion is a first class  teacher, the students at the club vary in age and all are very friendly and offer sound advice to new students as a father i want my son to be able to defend himself. learn discipline, learn respect, and he will learn all these things and much more from this club, under the expert guidance  of  Dean Gibbs. I am very impressed with this club and its Instructor and the way he teaches.

 From Mandy Wilson, Mum of Ethan, Aged 7

Well what can I say, Chung Yong is an amazing club, all members are so friendly and support each other no matter what grade they are. 

Dean is a very good teacher with the perfect mix of discipline and encouragement. I have recommended many others to the club who are now members. My son has gained confidence since doing Taekwondo, which is all down to Dean.  All I can say is thank you to Dean and Chung Yong. 

 From Richard Sharp, Dad of Charlie, Aged 9

The club is well run, well organised and very friendly.  Discipline is excellent and all the club members have a great time and show a tremendous amount of respect not only to their instructor, but also to each other.  My son thoroughly enjoys his time at the club and cannot wait for each training session.

"Zane's Fitness
has improv
ed immeasurably...

 From Christine Sheeran, Mum of Zane Sheeran
[Pictured: Zane and Dad, Lance]

Dear Dean

Just a quick note to say thank you.

Zane started Taekwondo with you at an after-school club in year 5 at Hamsey Green Primary School and then went on to join the Chung Yong Club at Caterham. He enjoys every aspect of being part of the Chung Yong club - from learning a martial art to the fitness, discipline and friendship he has gained since joining. He attends Taekwondo lessons twice a week, the Monday fitness class and also enjoys the monthly sparring evenings. He has taken part in two competitions, which has not only been great experience for him but he has brought home some medals too! As soon as we can free up our Saturday mornings he wants to start attending the stretching classes (Flexibility Training) and is keen for me to start then too!

Zane enjoyed it when his Dad was attending classes too and they are both looking forward to Lance starting back again as soon as his work/travel commitments allow.

In the last two and a half years Zane's fitness has improved immeasurably. This not only shows in his Taekwondo but also in his other sports - Basketball and Rugby. He is always keen to get to your classes early and I cannot recommend both you and Chung Yong highly enough. The club is very friendly and welcoming and with fitness, discipline, fun and friendship for only £30 per month it is great value too.

With many thanks and kind regards

Christine Sheeran

"I was not the most
well behaved school student..."
 From Wayne Clark BSc (hons)
Wayne now works for Wellden Turnbull Accountants where he is working towards his ACA qualification. 
[Pictured: Wayne in action] 

Chung Yong schools of Taekwondo & Hapkido is a brilliant club to be part of, it brings multi-layered benefits from fitness & flexibility to social benefits and strong character building.

I became part of the club at the age of 13 and it helped shape me, I was not the most well behaved school student but taekwondo focused my attention and taught respect and discipline. The club vibe is one you cannot describe, but if I were to try, I would say it is a welcoming club where friendships can be built and team spirit is prominent.

The club allows the most unexpected friendships to be built from all walks of life. The instructor Dean Gibbs is equally willing to understand everyone on an individual basis and their motives for training, whether it is to compete at international level or for a once a week fitness class.

Under the Chung Yong club I've have been able to compete in over 45 competitions from Plymouth to Manchester to Scotland. Furthermore myself and several other Chung Yong members have travelled Europe competing in Sweden, Austria, Germany and Holland to name a few. However, whether competing abroad or focusing on self defence in a local hall, you can be sure to have fun and be part of something positive.

"a big sense of pride in what we have achieved in a short time...
 From Jason and Jackie Smith 
They watched their son train for years and have now joined our regular running group.

We have known Dean Gibbs and been involved with the Chung Yong club for about 4 years since our son Scott joined. We have watched and have been asked various times to join in but have always declined, that was until a few months ago when Dean started a new class, a post school run run which is held every Tuesday morning at the Kenley air drome.

Jackie attended the first week and by the second had convinced me to attend, with some fear we attended but that fear has now been replaced with fun and a big sense of pride in what we have achieved in a short time, that is mainly down to Dean as he is the person when we are down and say we can not go on, picks us up and keeps us running in the right direction to achieve goals, this he does in a very friendly and confidence building way.

We now have the confidence to run on other occasions by ourselves as either individuals, as a pair or as a family with our son Scott.

All that is left to say is thank you and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the future together.


Jason and Jackie Smith ( Chung Yong Runners)