Competitions are available for those students that would like to take part. With dedicated team captains for both our sparring and pattern squads we have strong squads of all ages and grades that continue to grow.

Sparring Development & Competitions

We develop students who have an interest in sparring from any age and have dedicated lessons that introduce you to competition sparring and lead you through structured development.

Our kids and seniors development classes are separate as the coaching needs to be very different to get the most out of our students. We believe in building our sparring squad from the ground up and installing good basics as well as encouraging a more adventurous and entertaining style of competing.

In sparring competitions, categories are broken down into weight, age and grade. This means your opponents will have similar experience and ability to you. We are looking for all ages and abilities. Dean Gibbs, the head instructor and sparring coach of DRG Active, first took up WTF Taekwondo sparring when he was six years old and recommends it as one of the most rewarding activities you can do.

WTF Taekwondo Sparring is fast paced and an awesome adrenalin rush. If you think you can succeed you will need to have dedication, respect, a never give up attitude and be willing to train hard. We develop fighters through a local level to national and international level. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and interest in the competition side has never been higher.

Pattern Competitions

Pattern competitions are open to all ages and grades. 
To be good at your patterns you need to be dedicated, develop strong control and have a love of the finer details of Taekwondo Patterns.

We are working with the British Taekwondo Pattern squads and regional coaches as we continue to develop and grow our team.

Pattern competitions are judged on technical content, accuracy balance, timing and power. You will need to work on your flexibility and whole body strength to be able to demonstrate your patterns to the best of your ability.

The patterns used in competition are the same patterns required for your gradings. The patterns you are required to demonstrate in competition depend on your grade. You can compete as an individual or a team.